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Career Discovery Forum in the Philippines 2022

ThemeAdaptations for the Continued Innovations of S&T Careers in the Philippines
DateMarch 19, 2022
Time1:00 pm ~ 5:00 pm (GMT +8)


The Career Discovery Forum is a unique platform where university graduates, students, researchers, startups, corporations, and government agencies meet to discuss current career developments and future career opportunities. It was introduced by Leave a Nest, Co., Ltd., in Japan way back in 2016 and has been held every year since then.  What makes CDF a unique event is the interaction and connection that happens between the participants and the audience which potentially brings new ideas and changes as the various perspectives of the different generations clash. This platform creates valuable opportunities for both graduates and corporations in bringing new insights and innovations to future careers.

About CDF Philippines 2022

With the establishment of Leave a Nest Philippines in 2021, this year, we will hold the first ever CDF in the country. The theme for this year’s forum is “Adaptations for the continued innovations of S&T careers in the Philippines” which revolves around the changes that occurred for the continued development of companies and industries these past two years. A lot has changed in the work environment and work process of various industries and corporations in order to adapt to the situation the world is facing. As some businesses closed their doors, a whole lot of businesses also sprouted as they took this opportunity to start something new. Let us delve deeper into the choices and decisions made by different sectors of society and use CDF as a unique platform to further create new career opportunities and further develop current ones.

Program Timeline

1:00pm – 1:10pmOpening ceremony and opening remarks
1:10pm – 1:30pmKeynote speech
1:30pm – 2:30pmForum session: Expectations and changes in the current work environment
2:30pm – 3:15pmCareer Pitch
3:15pm – 3:45pmMini Career Workshop 1
3:45pm – 4:15pmMini Career Workshop 2
4:15pm – 4:45pmMini Career Workshop 3
4:45pm – 5:00pmClosing remarks

Keynote speaker

Kevin Anthony S. Sison, FRSA, MSc in Data Science

Kevin’s 12-year teaching portfolio encompasses the University of the Philippines, St. Luke’s College of Medicine, De La Salle University, and Notre Dame Senior High School. Kevin is the President and Chief Executive Officer of SCTST Review Corporation, a leading review services provider for the Chemists and Chemical Technicians National Licensure Exams in the Philippines. He earned his BS Biochemistry degree (magna cum laude) from the University of the Philippines. He then studied Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in UP and pursued an MS in Chemistry. Following his passion to integrate the scientific discipline with breakthroughs in data science, he thereupon earned his MS in Data Science from the Asian Institute of Management. In July 2020, Kevin was elected as a fellow to the Royal Society of Arts.

Forum session

The forum session is a platform where speakers from the academia, the government, the industry, and the startup sector discuss a common issue revolving around the theme of the event. The theme for this year’s CDF PH 2022 is “Expectations and Changes in the Current Work Environment” which would revolve around the changes that occurred in different sectors of society in the point of view of their respective representatives. Information about the speakers will be given here on the website so stay tuned for future updates.


Hercules R. Cascon, PhD

Dr. Hercules R. Cascon is an Associate Professor V at the Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan, College of Engineering and also the current Dean of the college ever since May 2015. He graduated from XU in 1993 with a B.S in Chemical Engineering and was also the 9th placer in the November 1993 board exam for Chemical Engineers. He then Worked briefly in the government and private sectors before teaching in the CHE department of XU in 2001. Finished Master of Engineering in 2007; and acquired a doctorate degree in Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology in Myongji University (Yongin Campus), South Korea in 2012. He is a PAASCU Accreditor for engineering programs, CHED ISA (Institutional Sustainability Assessment) Assessor. He is a fellow for the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia and a member of various environmental evaluation committees such as the Regional Technical Evaluation Committee of DOST 10. He is also the current president of Council of Deans for Engineering Education Region 10 (CODEE-10).

Rolando S. Libutaque, PhD

He has been in the teaching profession for 31 years. He is currently the Curriculum Instruction Division (CID) Chief of Philippine Science High School – Western Visayas Campus, an attached agency to DOST, and a premier provider of STEM education to scholars. As the CID Chief, he supervises the overall academic matters of the campus, acts as the direct supervisor of Asst. CID Chiefs, CID Coordinators, Academic Unit Heads, and the Science Research Specialist and Assistants. With his passion for teaching and homeroom advising, he obtained his Master’s Degree in Education in 2001 and Ph.D. in Psychology and Guidance in 2014 at West Visayas State University. He earned his Master’s Degree in Development Management in 2015 through a scholarship under the Public Management Development Program (PMDP). With the PMDP, he was able to explore, enhance his skills, and develop a natural love for serving people. True enough that even as a teacher, a homeroom adviser, and an administrator, his love language is and will always be SERVICE.

Yul Bran D. Bastatas, Metallurgical Engineer

Yul is a metallurgist with seven years (7) of experience in mineral processing. Working in both copper and gold processing plants has widened his experience in mineral processing, allowing him to apply his university training to the mining industry. He finished a Diploma of Chemical Engineering Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering at the Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology. He spends most of his free time attending online courses, especially during this pandemic. He is one of the Top Performing Grantees of the Coursera Scholarship of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) through the Coursera Workforce Recovery Program. He is currently the Senior Metallurgist of Apex Mining Co., Inc.

Dr. Ryan Corpuz

Dr. Corpuz is the founder of Nanolabs LRC Co. Ltd, a research and development company that provides nano-based solutions to pressing problems in the environment and the society. He obtained his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering in Hokkaido University, Japan, MS in Materials Science Engineering in University of the Philippines-Diliman, and BS in Ceramics Engineering in MSU-IIT. His research interests are in “nano” science & technology and its applications in diverse fields of energy, biomedicine, agriculture and environment.

Dr. Corpuz is a regular member of National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP) and serves as S&T Fellow in the Department of Science and Technology – Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (DOST – PCIEERD). Currently, he is an editorial board member in Springer Nature Applied Sciences and Topic Editor in Frontiers in Energy Research.

Career Pitch

A live presentation of representatives from various companies, industries, startups, and the public sector advertising about their services, their working environment, and the goals they are striving to achieve in hopes of acquiring potential members or collaborators from the audience. Presentations are strictly limited to 90 seconds with no question & answer portion as the format would be a fast-paced pitch presentation going from one presenter to the next, creating a heated atmosphere between the presenters and the audience and thereby raising their interests more. Slots are limited to 15 only. Information about the participating companies will be given here on the website so stay tuned for future updates.

Mini career workshop

A platform given to the participants of the Career Pitch in order for them to directly interact with the audience allowing connections to form on a deeper level in hopes of discussing future career possibilities. Each workshop session will be composed of 5 companies and each company will be given a breakout room where they can interact with interested participants for 30 minutes.

Workshop 1

Leave a Nest Philippines

Leave a Nest Philippines is one of the subsidiaries of the main Leave a Nest Co., Ltd., situated in Tokyo, Japan. The company has been operating since 2002 but just last year, March 2021, they extended their reach to the Philippines building a physical office in the country and actively recruiting members. Leave a Nest is, in essence, a group of scientists and researchers with the common goal of “Advancing Science and Technology for Global Happiness” and one unique thing about their company is that almost half of their members are PhD and Master degree holders. The company started by bridging the gap between researchers and society in order to spread the knowledge brought about by research and bring forth innovations in Science and Technology. It has now formed several company pillars which still has the same goal but targets different sectors of society such as the academia, the corporates, the startups, and the huge manufacturing companies.

Panublix Inc.

Panublix is an impact tech startup that connects designers/creatives/brands with tropical yarns, textiles & artisan craft through transparent & impactful sourcing.
We are part of an ecosystem of partners working on developing a tropical textile industry to help transition our economy to a more sustainable & regenerative one. Our key partners here are the DOST – PTRI and the Iloilo Science and Technology University who are operating the Regional Yarn Production & Innovation Center (https://dost-ptri-rypic.com/) at the ISATU Miagao Campus. We are also part of the Philippine Fashion Coalition.
We want our materials to be compliant with sustainability standards like Better Cotton Initiative, OEKO-TEX, GOTS and several others. Our research agenda includes regenerative agriculture, chemistry of natural dyes, textile technology, loom engineering & green manufacturing, supply chain analytics, digital transformation and Web3 applications for the value chain.

Philippine Genome Center – Mindanao

PGC Mindanao is situated nicely at the durian capital of the Philippines, Davao City. Since its inception in 2019, PGC Mindanao has assumed a vital role in bringing omics research and services to the island. One of the flagship initiatives by PGC Mindanao is the establishment of the Mindanao Genomic Consortium (MGC), composed of at least 42-members coming from different sectors in Mindanao such as the academe, NGOs, and private industries. In the context of agriculture, PGC Mindanao has been actively providing services and consultations to several members of the MGC particularly among the academe in various agricultural improvement programs such as in banana, adlay, cacao, rice, abaca, and ZamPen native chicken. PGC Mindanao has opened doors for Mindanaoans to explore opportunities, issues, and challenges relevant to Mindanao. By facilitating science for Mindanao by Mindanaoans, PGC Mindanao therefore intends to be a catalyst for growth and development in the Island by forging strong research ties, and information-sharing among members of MGC, government agencies, and private sectors.

Workshop 2

Nanolabs LRC Inc.

Nanolabs is a research and development company that provides nano-based solutions to pressing problems in the environment and the society. The team is composed of PhDs in materials science and engineering with expertise in nanoscience and nanotechnology. Leveraging our skills in electrochemistry, spectroscopy, synthesis, purification, and material characterization, we provide nano-based services and product prototypes for energy storage, biomedical, agricultural, and environmental applications. Some of the experiments we do include nanomaterial synthesis, morphological and structural analysis, electrochemical analysis, and spectroscopic analysis.

Anihan Technologies Inc.

Anihan Technologies (AniTech) is a Business to Business (B2B) Agritech Company that develops and leverages Deep Technologies such as Nanotechnology, Internet-of-Things, and Analytics to create Supply Chain Solutions that will reduce food loss, create flexible Food Supply Chains, and enable countries to become providers of world-class quality produce. The company’s flagship solution is Fresh In Fresh Out which utilizes our Smart Gas NanoSensor System and Platform to help Food Suppliers track spoilage rate and help them make real-time inventory & warehouse management decisions to prevent stock spoilage. We exist to solve the global food loss problem through fostering innovation and developing deep technologies to create resource efficient food systems. By 2030, we want the Philippines and the ASEAN Region to have Food Supply Chains that are transparent, traceable, flexible, and sustainable through our collection of Post Harvest loss Data, our commitment to continuously innovate deep technologies, and the mass adoption of our solution(s)

Philippine Science High School – Western Visayas

Thirty years since it opened its doors to the pioneering 47 scholars from various parts of Panay and other nearby Visayas islands, PSHS-WVC has already produced thousands of graduates in the different fields of science and technology and other disciplines. Outside of Pisay-WVC, more alumni are doing great in their respective field, either in government or private entities contributing to nation-building. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit this country, medical frontliners who are graduates of PSHS-WVC are often found in hospitals and clinics offering their services, true to their calling, “Serve the People” as Pisay scholars. Elsewhere, Pisay-WVC graduates are serving as technical experts on public health issues, food science and technology, transport studies, marine science, molecular biology, and many more.

Workshop 3

Challernergy Inc.

Challenergy is the manufacturer of the world’s first wind turbine that is capable of stable power generation even during typhoons – the Magnus Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT), which enables the installation of renewable energy in areas thought to be unsuitable. Developed in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, it is a propeller-less next-generation wind turbine that uses the Magnus force and a vertical-axis orientation that enables it to deliver clean, quiet, safe, and reliable electricity in places where it’s most needed, in times when it’s most essential. By integrating with other energy sources, satellite communication, and disaster response systems, the Magnus VAWT can provide power and emergency communications in the aftermath of a typhoon or other calamity. The first Magnus VAWT in the Philippines was installed in Batanes in 2021.

Waste4Good Inc.

The Waste4Good (W4G) is aiming to solve the waste problem and food insecurity caused by COVID-19 by providing W4G products to promote healthier and more sustainable food sources. The W4G pivoted from Solar-powered & Automatic Bin into Waste4Good Planting Kit with the Compost Activator Solution (CAS) to provide a solution for COVID-19 impacts while mitigating the bio-waste problem. The Planting Kit is a complete set of planting materials for urban farming. Our products will utilize biodegradable waste with the help of CAS and reduce the waste 8x smaller. Using our products, the user can produce their healthy food at home faster and easier.

University of Antique – Integrated Research and Development Laboratory

The Integrated Research and Development Laboratory (IRDL) is the first and only research laboratory in the province of Antique with advanced equipment and testing capabilities in the field of food, nutrition, and environmental science that will serve as a hub for knowledge generation, transfer of technical skills, creation of patentable products and processes. IRDL is envisioned to be a center for research, development, and testing services in the province of Antique wherein the students, researchers, government institutions, and private sectors can collaborate and conduct their research experiments and be able to standardize food products and processes produced by Technohubs in support to the commercialization and adoption of the developed technologies. It will also provide S&T services like analytical testing and equipment  rentals, and conduct capability building activities for clienteles to enhance their technical skills, both in theory and in practice.


CDF is mainly constructed in the best interests of those graduating from universities looking for potential careers, as well as companies looking for potential members for their continued innovation and development. If interested, simply click the link below or scan the QR code to register for the event.


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