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Career Discovery Forum in Malaysia 2023

ThemeExploring Your Path: A Journey Through Career Possibilities
Date1st April 2023
Time09:30 – 14:10 (MYT)
VenueRekaScape, Cyberjaya


Career Discovery Forum (CDF) is a unique event that started in Tokyo, Japan in 2016. It was introduced by Leave a Nest and started as a seminar where university students, researchers, and companies exchanged thoughts and visions with the aim to create new science research topics and design future careers together. Unlike other career fairs, CDF gave the opportunity for employers to identify potential talents outside normal recruitment channels and also for students to explore their career path by engaging with industry.

About CDF in Malaysia 2023

The theme “Exploring Your Path” highlights the idea that there are many different paths to take when it comes to finding a career. The theme encourages participants to think about the various options available to them and to approach their career discovery journey as an exciting adventure full of potential. The “Journey Through Career Possibilities” encourages participants to explore the different possibilities by engaging with industries and being open to new ideas and new opportunities.

Agenda Timeline

9:30-9:40Opening Ceremony & Welcoming Remarks
9:40-10:00Keynote Speech
Charting Your Course: Strategies for Successful Career Exploration
10:00-11:00Forum Session
Navigating the Future of Work: Identifying and Capitalizing on Emerging Career Opportunities
11:00-11:05Short Break
11:05-11:50Career Pitch
11:50-13:50Validate Your Crazy Idea | Mini Career Workshop
13:50-14:10Closing Ceremony

Keynote speaker

Focus on the importance of making informed decisions when it comes to career path. The speech will cover a variety of topics, including understanding one's values and priorities, researching different career options, and developing a plan to achieve career goals. The speech will also discuss the importance of being adaptable and open to change, as the job market and the economy are constantly evolving. The speaker will provide practical tips and strategies for making informed career decisions, and will encourage attendees to think outside the box when it comes to their career paths. The speech will empower individuals to take charge of their careers and create their own opportunities.


Ms. Haslinda Alia
Head of Human Capital at Cyberview Sdn Bhd.

Ms. Haslinda Alia is an accomplished HR professional with over 15 years of experience in developing and re-engineering comprehensive HR functions. She holds an MBA majoring in International Business from the University of Wales, United Kingdom. Previously, she has worked at various organisations in different HR leadership roles, including Head of Human Capital and VP HR at Pos Logistics Berhad, and Group Head of HR & Administration at Imagnia Holdings Sdn Bhd. She has also worked as an Office Administrator/Manager at PABW Sdn Bhd and HR Assistant at Renong Berhad. Throughout her career, Ms. Alia has collaborated with all levels of management teams and cultivated positive work environments to support the corporate vision.

Forum session

A discussion that explores the current and future trends in the job market and their impact on different career fields. The focus would be on identifying new and emerging career opportunities, and providing strategies for how to capitalize on these opportunities. The session might cover topics such as the effects of automation and artificial intelligence on the workforce, the growth of remote work, and the importance of upskilling and reskilling for the future.


Sarah Waheeda Muhammad Hafidz
Sector Head, Industry Partnership, TalentCorp

Sarah works closely with stakeholders focusing on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). With IR 4.0 and its technology drivers being a focal point that can impact multiple socioeconomic drivers and aspects of life, it is essential to ensure that Malaysia produces sufficient top-quality talent. She aims to develop a sustainable ecosystem for STEM talent that will go across from graduates right up to senior hires, both locally and globally. Prior to TalentCorp, Sarah served at Leaderonomics as a Learning & Growth Partner. She worked with companies to assess their training needs using the 4D model: Discover, Diagnose, Develop & Deliver. Before making the move to corporate, Sarah served as a lecturer for 15 years, specialising in Organisational Psychology.

Mr. Yu Inaba
Head, Tropical Biomass Technology Research Institute, Euglena Co., Ltd.

Head of Tropical Biomass Technology Research Institute, Euglena Co., Ltd. Euglena Co., Ltd. is the company to research, produce and sell microalgae and microalgae product, specially, Euglena gracilis as one of microalgae. Mr. Inaba has researched microalgae biofuel for more than 10 years. He researched in several Japanese national project and had collaboration research with universities in Malaysia and Indonesia. He is an expert in outdoor microalgae cultivation, microalgae harvesting, LCA, LCC of whole process of microalgae biofuel production.

Dr. Abdillah Sani Bin Mohd Najib
Graduate Employability Coordinator, Faculty Of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Received his Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) from Osaka University in 2012. He was the recipient of Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) scholarship for his undergraduate study. He was in automotive, electronics, and steel industries in Malaysia for a total period of 4 years as quality and technical engineer for Japanese manufacturer in Malaysia, namely, Boon Siew Honda Sdn Bhd (2012-2013), Panasonic Energy Malaysia (2013-2014), and Nippon EGalv Steel (2016-2017). His enthusiasm towards knowledge and technologies made him to self-fund himself to pursue Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Materials Engineering at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (2015). He finally obtained his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from Saitama University in Materials Science (2020) where he was affiliated with the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) located in Tsukuba for his research work. He was also awarded with scholarship from Mitsubishi Corporation during his doctoral study. Equipped with the industrial and academic background, he currently serves the government of Malaysia at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia as a senior lecturer. Dr Sani engaged in materials research and has published a few high impact publications. He is also an active professional member of Institute Materials Malaysia (IMM) and graduate member of Board of Engineer Malaysia (BEM).

Career Pitch

The session comprise of company introduction, highlighting their philosophy in creating innovative technologies or service to solve real-world problems. The representative will share some of the company's cutting-edge technologies and unique features that set them apart from competitors. Participants can ask questions and engage in a Q&A session, gaining a deeper understanding of the company's mission, technologies, and culture as well.

List of Companies



Aem Tech Diversified

Bioeconomy Corporation


Innowave LLC

Ultrack Technology

Euglena Malaysia

Validate Your Crazy Idea

The session will feature students pitching their ideas to companies based on a given theme. Each student will have 3 minutes to present their pitch, which should showcase their innovative thinking and problem-solving skills. After each pitch, the company representatives will provide feedback and suggestions on how to improve the idea. This session will offer students the opportunity to gain valuable experience in presenting their ideas to potential employers and receive real-time feedback on their work. At the same time, companies will have the chance to discover new talent and ideas from a pool of motivated and creative students.

Mini Career Workshop

The mini career workshop session will focus on providing students with preparation tips to enter the industry. The session will include various topics, including resume preparation, communication skills, and presentation skills. Students will learn how to create a professional resume that highlights their skills and experience effectively. Additionally, they will learn communication techniques that can help them stand out during interviews and networking events. The presentation module will provide students with the necessary tools to deliver engaging and effective presentations, which can be helpful in various settings. By the end of the session, students will have a better understanding of how to prepare themselves for the industry and the skills needed to succeed in their careers.

Participation Benefit

Unlike other career fairs, the CDF will provide an opportunity for direct interaction between the companies and attendees. Participants will also be exposed to an informative keynote speech, forum discussions, exhibition booths, and industrial sharing.