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Career Talk with Malaysia Euglena Representative, Mr. Yu Inaba | Discovering Your Career Path with Euglena


Leave a Nest Malaysia (LVNS MY) would like to invite you to participate in the Career Discovery Forum (CDF) 2023 Info Session on the 22nd December 2023. The session will feature Mr. Yu Inaba, Euglena Malaysia Representative to deliver a career talk.

In this info session, Mr. Yu Inaba, from Euglena Malaysia, will be invited to share on the topic entitled “Discovering Your Career Path with Euglena”. He will share about Euglena Co., Ltd., a listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange market with business domains; (1) Research and development and production of microalgae such as Euglena, (2) Manufacture and sale of foods and cosmetics such as microalgae such as Euglena, (3) Development of biofuel technology for microalgae such as Euglena, development of environment-related technology and (4) Business development, investment, etc. of biotechnology-related business. The talk will cover his career journey with Euglena upon completing post-graduate study and the opportunity to explore a career path with a global corporation or to pursue postgraduate study funded by industry.

Details of CDF MY 2023 Info Session with Euglena

Date : Thursday, 22nd December

Time : 10:00 – 11:30 pm (MYT) 

Venue : Online 

Registration link  : https://cdforum.lne.st/InfoSessionEuglenaReg 

Looking forward to having you at the info session. Do not miss this opportunity to discover your future career. 

For more information or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us through E-Mail to [email protected] and [email protected] or call +603-8320 5286

Thank you very much!

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Arief I. Zamani is a PhD holder in Systems Biology graduated from Institute of Systems Biology (INBIOSIS), The National University of Malaysia. Previously, he worked on recognition protein that involved in oyster immune system which earned him a Master of Science in Biotechnology from University Malaysia Terengganu. His research interest is to understand the adaptation of microorganisms in growing on different carbon source or under different environment condition. He is an expert in microbial metabolomics, conducting study on physiological aspect as well as metabolic changes in microorganism. He had published his works in numbers of journals including a Q1 journal. He worked in collaboration project between INBIOSIS, Sime Darby Technology Centre and Brandenburg University of Technology to develop a new fermentation system based on selective cultivation condition. He believes that doing science (research) and promoting science (STEM education) is compliment to each other. Hence, nurturing science in future generation is equally important as finding new discovery for human benefit.


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